Our Vision

Our Vision is a future of healthy, active humans living to their fullest potential.

By establishing the right tastes & preferences at an early stage of life, we set up our kids to a lifetime of nutritious habits.  That’s why we created purées and blends for every stage of your babies growth.  As well as a carefully crafted set of toddler meals.  Our food is based on common sense and science….not fad or trend.

Our Difference

100% Transparent

Our facility is open daily for you to see our process from start to finish. We are county health certified as a food facility operator and a food retailer. Which means a kitchen you can actually see – not just one you see through a website.

100% Organic & Local

We only use 100% certified organic, LOCALLY sourced produce.  That means our produce does not cover thousands of miles nor does it ever fly in the air.  It comes fresh from organic farms located on the West Coast only.

All Natural

Since we strongly believe in the purity of our food, our blends are always free of GMOs or preservatives of any kind.  We never add sugars or salts.  When you feed your child our blends, you can be sure they are 100% pure and as fresh as possible.

Personal Delivery

We use our own courier delivery service – no Uber, Door Dash, or Post Mates.  We believe that your family’s nutrition should have the least amount of people involved from production to consumption. That’s why WE make it and WE deliver it.

We believe that ALL children deserve long, healthy lives.  Not just a few.

That’s why we’ve partnered with a local charity FRISTERS – who are dedicated to helping young mothers care for their children – and now making sure that they start their family’s lives with the same opportunities.

Our Blends

Our Farms

Some of the local farms we buy from…

Our Kitchen

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