The Chons, The Beauchamps, and The Closes are great friends that had the same goal: to make their kids healthy and happy in this ever changing world of nutrition. So they partnered up to create Love & Purée.

Teaming with a panel of experienced child nutritionists & dietitians – Dr. Allison Beauchamp, PhD and Jeffrey Chon, a well known and established local restaurateur, carefully created a menu that would be loved by babies while exemplifying the highest in child nutritional standards.

The families wanted to create something more than just a store. Their vision was to create a culture around being a nutrition conscious parent. A place that is welcoming to relax as a parent but also a forum to address all things in the parenting world. So come on in, and see the love that comes with the purée.

The Chons
The Beauchamps
The Closes